Assistance Industrial Project



Assistance Industrial Project Development in RUSSIA


Approvals and permits are necessary to build or upgrade an industrial site in Russia..Griffon assist for choosing a Russian designing institute to design the general project, plus adaptation of the technological project to local conditions. Control of the proper application of Russian state regulations during the design phase. Consulting with the project designer to obtain approvals of the project documentation from the inspecting and official institutions involved.  Organising the state expertise of the project’s documentation. Assisting and supervising to obtain the final State expertise with the conclusion of ‘Glavgosekspertiza’ of the Russian Federation.


Industrial Project milestones

Project Configuration



•Project phases:


      –Project Initiation,




•Project milestones:


      –Establishment of Russian company


        TEOI : Technical & Economical substantiation of Investment


        TEOC :Technical & Economical substantiation of Construction


      – Preparatory Works


      –AKTS of Acceptance/Final Commissioning