ROK Kazakhstan Certification System.

ROK Kazakhstan Certification System.


Certification is the process by which Kazakhstan Authorites ensure that equipment and materials to be used in Kazakhstan are designed and manufactured to appropriate standard.

Such certification shall include the obtainment of Certificate of Conformity , Kazakhstan Permit to Use , or any other similar permissions , certificate or permits  that are required for permission to import, use and or operate equipment and material in Kazakhstan .

There are six mains types of certification that apply to industrial project scope of supply.

Coc                                        Certificate of Conformity .

P2U GGTN                           Gosgortekhnadzor Permit to Use.

P2U HES                               Sanitary Department Permit to Use.

KIM CoC/CoA                     KazinMetr Certificate of Type Approval / Certificate of Metrological Attestation.

Technical Passport           File containing technical data , instructions for use and maintenance, issued with a standart format.

P2U SFD                               Permit of State Fire Department.