Gost R-Coc

GOST R Certificate of conformity (also known as quality certificate, GOST R certificate) - is a document, issued in accordance with the rules of certification system in order to confirm correspondence of safety of certified products (services) to the stated requirements, applicable standards (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEEC, GOST R ISO and etc.). Certification of products (services) may be mandatory and voluntary.

Certificate of Conformity is intended for certification of goods produced either by Russian companies or shipped to Russia by an importer-company. Certificate of Conformity can be issued for shipment and for serial production (Type approval).

Issuance of shipment certificate is based on invoice/ contract and limited by quantity indicated in invoice and shipping documents. Shipment certificate does not have expire date.

Serial certificate (type approval) is issued for homogeneous products, manufactured by one producer. Serial certificate is based on testing of samples of product in Russian accredited laboratories and audit of manufacturer facilities. Serial certificate could be issued for one or three years.

GOST R certificate is documents which required during the custom clearance and realization of goods in Russian federation and during erection and putting in operation of industrial facilities.

Certification is carried out in compliance with the requirements of the following requirements:

  • RF Law “On Basic Technical Regulation in the Russian Federation”;
  • RF Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”;
  • RF Law “On Ensuring Measurement Uniformity”;
  • Rules for Performing Certification in the Russian Federation.

«hygienic conclusion"

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion



Hygienic certificate verifies conformity of products and services to the sanitary norms and strict observance of the established rules in the process of manufacture, storage, transportation and the sale of products.

The term of validity of hygienic certificate may be set up for 5 years. In the certain cases, (manufacturing of experimental sets of new kinds of production, implementation of essentially new technologies, using non-conventional raw material or components), validity of the hygienic certificate may be reduced. In this case concrete conditions (rules) of manufacturing have to be defined in the hygienic certificate..

The following types of products are subjected to mandatory hygienic certification:

  • Food products.
  • Bottled drinking water; liquor, wine, beer, soft drinks.
  • Food raw materials, food supplements and biologically active additives.
  • Goods for children.
  • Perfumes, cosmetics, items for oral hygiene.
  • Chemical and petrochemical products for industrial use, domestic chemicals.
  • Materials for items that come into contact with people's skin.
  • Disinfectants, disinfectants and deratization products.
  • Individual protection means.
  • Tobacco products and raw materials.
  • Pesticides and agrochemicals.
  • Materials that come into contact with food stuff.



Pattern Approval Certificate

GOST R Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments


Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments (also known as: Metrology certificate, Measuring Instruments Certificate, Certificate for instrumentation and automated control meters) – is a document issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology confirming that the present type of measuring tools is approved as per the procedure, provided by the applicable legislation and corresponds to the applicable regulations.

The pattern approval certificate for measuring instruments confirms that the present measuring instrument has successfully passed technical and metrological tests and was permitted for application in the Russian Federation.




 KIM .  Kazakhstan similar regulation under KAziMetr.